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Regional Representative Scholarship Admission Schedule

Prospective new students who register and are recommended and financed by the central government, local government, private institutions and are expected to return to the region are BUD scholarship recipients. The schedule for receiving the regional envoy scholarship is determined by the campus that has received it.

When is the Schedule for Receipt of Regional Representatives Scholarships?

1. Schedule of BUD Receipts

You can record various important dates that must be noted and must be remembered. Registration for this scholarship is between February 1 and May 28, 2021. The selection schedule for BUD scholarship recipients falls in mid-June in 2021 and will be announced on June 25, 2021.

2. Admission Process

The process of receiving this BUD scholarship has various processes that the recipient must go through. This process is usually found on the campus website and you can read it according to the available website, or can be viewed through the bud fund application guide. You can take a good look at the various processes, which are as follows:

  • In the first process, you will receive information from IPB to the official agency that has been registered. The registered official agencies include institutions or foundations, local, central, district, or city governments and companies that have been registered as State-Owned Enterprises.
  • The second process is to establish the commitment and willingness of the agency to provide funds to prospective students from regional representatives. The funder can be through the central government, the Abik regional government of the province, district or city, the institution or foundation of the prospective funder, or the State-Owned Enterprise.
  • The third is the screening and selection of prospective Regional Representatives Scholarship students. This is done directly and directly assisted by the prospective funder.
  • Fourth is the registration of the Regional Representatives Scholarship which is carried out online or offline by the funder to the relevant campus.
  • The fifth is the final selection, which includes the announcement of the results of the selection of prospective BUD students by the relevant campus.
  • Completion of the MoU and cooperation agreement terms and conditions will be completed by the funder. Furthermore, there will be the completion of financial administration and a call for registration for BUD students.

3. Terms of BUD Admission

Recipients of regional delegation scholarships must not be more than 25 years of age. Usually, they have SMA – MA and SMK report cards of at least 70 for various subjects, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. This must meet the requirements in the fifth semester while at the relevant high school.

You can read tips for submitting a BUD and the steps for submitting a BUD for further information in the bud fund application guide. BUD recipients must also be healthy both physically and spiritually.

The recipient must also be willing to live in the hostel. All kinds of administration can be paid directly by the funding agency. The various costs that must be repaid by funders of regional delegated scholarships are registration fees, education fees, the usual development of institutions and facilities, dormitory fees, and BPJS fee-fees.

In addition, there are also other costs, namely the cost of supporting education which must be met properly. The general process that can be passed by prospective students and institutions that fund BUD is socialization which is carried out directly in the form of a cooperation offer letter. Later, the potential partners will express their interest in collaborating, namely the terms and conditions.